The Science Behind The Beauty of Fashion


Fashion has always been inspired by an artistic stand-point, whether it’s through the movement of the arts or passage of literature that inspire us replicate that particular emotion from it.

Watching Project Runway made me realise how fashion has evolved since the 1900’s. From Edwardian fashion in the early 1990’s to digitally-manufactured fabric prints in the 21st century , people have created products that reflects the ongoing progression of fashion, and the new discovery of certain trends.

3D printing and digital print-on-print shows how fashion and technology have fused together to make trends more modern and relevant to the 21st century. But while watching one particular episode of Project Runway, when they had to make Avant-Garde fashion & present it on a runway that was raining (rainway), one particular design stood out….

Designer Sean Kelly used powder dye to react with the water, so it can show the beautiful chemical reaction of the different vibrant colours emerging and colliding with each other; making a sunset water-colour masterpiece in human form.

Which made me think about the direction that fashion could possibly be going… Science and fashion? Lately, there has been loads of scientific video circulating around different social media sites, showing chemical reactions and handy DIY work with the most simplest of objects. Considering that we are moving through the decades of the 2000’s at supernova speed right now, things have to be updated to be current to our modern society, and fashion is no different.

Fashion designers may design different collection styles to establish themselves in the industry, however, they’re low-key competing against others to discover the upcoming new trends and have their work appreciated by the most influential people in the industry. So just imagine if Sean Kelly decide to make a glow-in-the dark garment out of phosphors reacting with the light? Beneficial for beauty reasons, making you look amazing, but also you can’t get lost because you are always shining.

So with science being the fore-front of all the advance productions of many product creations, this maybe the answer to fashion-forward direction that designers could take.

Beside, in the words of Heidi Klum…

One minute you’re in, the next you’re out

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