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Misa Girls

Spotted: A fashion brand that has expanded to a bigger company

Misa Girls is a fashion e-tailer that create trends and cat-walk, celeb-inspired products, that allows everyone to be up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry, from fashion bloggers to everyday customers.

The British fashion e-tailer was founded in 2015, where they started off with only selling dresses. Now, they have expanded the business to be able to sell a wide range of clothing, from T-shirts to jumpsuits. Since their establishment in 2015, they have a very strong online presence with over 20k followers on Instagram.


Bodysuit: Sequins Party Bodysuit - £14.99

Top: Gold VOGUE T-shirt (Available in White) - £9.99

Dress: Glamaker Lace Dress - £14.99


The collection that Misa Girls provides accommodates for a variety of different styles, because of the eclectic range of designs and materials used to make that particular product more unique. Most of the new lingerie & bralet collection emphasizes the latest fashion summer trend of the summery, floral theme, whilst the dresses reflect various types of trends, from celeb-inspired from elegant ascot-like fashion.

The prices are very affordable, especially when majority of the products are reduced by at least 20%. The clothing maybe in line with the latest fashion trends, but it’s still inclusive for anyone to get. With their Instagram page saying “Free delivery worldwide” and quick shipping, you are bound to get it in time for a big event/outing.

Overall, for a business to expand so quickly in a short space of time and also sell beautiful, affordable items, Misa Girls offers inclusivity for all customers; blurring the lines between blogger, celebs and everyday customers.


*All pictures belong to MisaGirls*


Bikini: Bahamas Swimsuit - £12.99

Playsuit: Rose Gold Love Jumpsuit - £26.99

Dress: Rose Gold Sequin Babes Dress (Available in Silver) - £12.99

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