Why Is It Important To Support Each Other in the Blogging Industry


Original Photo Credit: gilrlikegirl.tumblr.com

Since the early 2000’s the blogging industry has constantly developed and allowed different niches of bloggers to become well-known, rather than just fashion bloggers. Now, people are inspired to new ideas and create exceptional content on the web, because of the variety of successful bloggers from different sectors that have started the foundations to do so.

However, the success of some can lead to a contradictory support from others, which has been expressed on certain social media channels. But, to be successful yourself, you need to be inspired, learn and appreciate the authentic content of others. Blogging is supposed to be fun, impelling and inspiring, whether it’s a hobby or a full-time job, and a little help from some bloggers could even propel you to the next level your aspirations/career.

Other Bloggers

It can be said that blogging is a female dominant industry, and with many reports of female rivalry within workplaces/industries that can transpire, it can be become too intense at times even in this type of industry. Although, it’s important to remember that other bloggers play a big part in:

  • Understanding your intentions and content
  • Maximizing your outreach effectively
  • Inspiring your own work- empathy of experiences, current affairs and change of trend within the industry


Original Photo Credit: Websta.me

With the different level of experience/skills that different bloggers have, you can learn from that and improve on any issues you may have with your blog or inspire you to make engaging, authentic content for everyone.

Also, it does expand your network. Talking to different bloggers, through events and social media can lead you to different opportunities for yourself, help you out with any photography and writing aspects and even gaining people that could have a big significance and loving value of your personal life. Sometimes, you can’t play with something if you have no-one to play with. 

Interpersonal Self 

Supporting each other in the industry can make you feel better about you as a person in so many ways. You can become a better version of yourself through the relation of other blogger’s content and them expressing their experience, whether it’s good or traumatic. Some may be life lessons of growth or mental health topics, but it can help you realise that you are not alone facing the adversity and you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.

Also, you may not be facing the same problem as what other bloggers are facing, but when you reciprocate the feeling of support to them, there’s a high chance that’s what they need to overcome their dilemmas/problems. Speaking from experience, that sense of achievement and happiness and you can play a part into helping someone in a time in need is probably one of the best feelings, which could change the game in your behaviour, attitude and outlook of people and life itself.

So, remember this: It’s not about being the best, but it’s about being the best version that you want to become within this industry. 



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