Bloggers vs Influencers: What’s The Difference?



In the dictionary, the word blogger means:

A website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences,observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.  

But what how do you define a social media influencer ? Is it under the same umbrella or is there a distinct difference between the two?

Reading the Sarah Ashcroft’s interview with Cosmopolitan UK  a few weeks back about monetizing her Instagram account, triggered the reason why I’m doing this post.

Firstly, in the cover heading it describe her as both a “blogger” and “social influencer”, but what really provoke my confusion to all of this is she mentioned that she’s “not really blogging anymore” on her actual blog, but uses Instagram and Youtube to engage with people to exhibit the clothes and get her personality across… But isn’t that still blogging in some sense?

Some bloggers might not have an actual blog website, but they are using a social media channel like Instagram and YouTube, to describe their “own experience, observations etc.”, and often have “images and links to other websites”. So does the article blur the distinction between bloggers and influencers through its contradiction of how it engages with the audience?

However, there is a flip side to this. According to  various fashion-oriented sites, such as Fashionista, Harper Bazaar and Drapers Online, a blogger is:

“someone known primarily for their website – it might be photo-based” .


While an influencer is:

“someone who is connected and has a strong reputation, and doesn’t necessarily emanate from a blog.”


which means there could be a distinction between the way a blogger and an influencer is seen within the public eye. This could be due to the different elements, like writing a detailed blog post or editing video posts, that a blogger/vlogger would use to describe their experience/opinions/observations to their audience compared to an influencer, which many just use photography.

However, because the way the new media (mass communication that utilizes a collection of digital technologies) is evolving, it has allowed people the option to manipulate and apply a combination of different elements together through various social media channels. Which means that “influencers” can crossover to a “blogger” through one blog post, because of they want to do a vlog post and post it on Instagram, a predominant photo-base channel.

Overall, in courtesy of constant update of new media, bloggers are now no much different than an influencer. An influencer may show their content in a different style of a blogger/vlogger, in terms of what social media channel they use, but nowdays there’s no difference in the way they display their content and what they want to achieve from it, the engagement.

It’s more than a thin line than a fine line.

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