We Scream For Grafea


Spotted: An accessories brand that makes British Vintage Style the most wanted style this season

Grafea is an accessories brand that blends traditional high quality British craftsmanship, with the most wanted vintage, leather bags. The bags embodies a classical, fashion-forward style through its vintage bags.

The Manchester-based brand was created in 2005 and was founded by Hari, an aspiring musician. As well as its own eCommerce website, the lust-worthy accessories brand has many featured marketplace stores, including MyBagVestiaire Collective and TheHut.


Top Left Bag: Cherry Mini Size – £130

Top Center Bag: Ice Leather Bag – £180

Top Right Bag: Petra Leather Bag – £153

Bottom Left Bag: Fey Lashes White – £130 (Available in Pink – £135 )

Bottom Center Bag: Puppy Purple – £180 (Available in Grey, White & Burgundy)

Bottom Right Bag: Flora Backpack – £80


Grafea uses the finest colours, such as rich caramel, antique brown, retro black and white to represent the ageless beauty of the product, whilst reflecting the elegant and deluxe style of the traditional British craftsmanship of the full grain leather material used. The bag designs are at an effortless, chic and unique quality that shows individuality and, with the range of different types of bags and designs, it can accustom to every type of personal styles.

Grafea have a variety of different collection, based on the type of accessories, ranging from backpacks to leather notebooks, so there’s an eclectic array to choose from. They offer worldwide delivery, from being sold at Harrods and Hollywood to being sold at the Far East and Australia.

Go Vintage with Grafea

*All images belong to Grafea*


Top Left Bag: Luna Blossom Shoulder Bag – £180

Top Center Bag: Mini Cross Body Bee – £50

Top Right Bag: Cherie Red Bucket Bag – £112

Bottom Left Satchel: San Francisco Satchel – £105

Bottom Right Bag: Zippy Victoria Grey Backpack – £170

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