Arike X Forza and Regime

FORZA Supplements


I was contacted through Twitter to review some products from two high quality supplement brands. These two brands provides a wide range of products that enhance all aspects of the mind, body and soul and strive for an individual’s ultimate perfection. Considering I always wanted to have more healthier, vibrant results on my skin and cognitive abilities, I accepted the products I picked with open arms and an open mind.

Established in 2007, Forza is a supplement brand that is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the pioneering T5 formula. With the heavy use of the innovating T5 formula, they have constantly created new concepts, and breaking down barriers for weight-loss, well-being, beauty and sport nutrition.

Whilist Regime London, the sister brand of Forza, is a high quality nutricosmetic brand that specializes in health and beauty. Their aims is to improve the inner health, reduce the visible symptoms of aging and provide a exceptional level of care, in order to ensure genuine and long-term beauty enhancements.

The two products I picked is:

Forza Brain Food Capsules

Regime London Coconut Quench


The Forza Brain Food Capsule contains 60 capsules that equivalates to a 30 day supply. Spinach, broccoli sprout and blueberry are the ingredients used to support and improve the cognitive functions. The progressive formula blends three powerful plant extracts with iron and pantothenic acid (aka vitamin B5), which enhances the mental performance whilst correlating with a healthy nutritional diet.

Forza Brain Food Capsule- £12.99

 The Regime London Coconut Quench consist of 30 capsules, which is a month supply of deeper levels of skin hydration. The combination of coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid is used to support the skin care regime of an individual. The daily intake of the hyaluronic acid, that’s within the Coconut Quench, can compensate some of the results of the overuse of cosmetics. 

Coconut Quench- £19.99

I will be documenting the results every 2 weeks to show the full effects of the products above and hopefully, it will show the full potential and effects that these products have to offer.


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