Today I’m Dressed In Lucy

Dressed In Lucy

Spotted: A fashion boutique that is affiliated with Lucy Wang and Vera Lucy

Dressed in Lucy is a fashion brand that provides the latest fashion trends to fulfill their aim to make every girl feel pretty and special. They supply a variety of different styles to cater to everyone’s taste, from the glamorous look for the sexy sirens to the bohemian look for the delicate dreamers. 

The British fashion e-tailer, which is based in Manchester, has affiliated with the popular French high street fashion brands Vera & Lucy and Lucy Wang. As well as the affiliation with the two French fashion brands, they also have connections with a new brand call Dishiki, providing exciting exclusive items on their eCommerce site. 

Lucy Wang Applique Bell Sleeve Playsuit *Available in White, Black and Pink* -£42.99
Lucy Wang Glitter Embellished Maxi Dress With Mesh Insert With Gold – £59.99
Vera Lucy Sequin Mini Dress With Lace Trim in Black & Silver – £24.99


Dishiki Monochrome Faux Fur Super Soft Jacket – £59.99

The three brands that Dressed In Lucy is associated with have different style traits that shows their brand individuality. Lucy Wang and Vera Lucy both bring that french elegance and feminine-like couture, however Vera Lucy brings a more flamboyant style with the unique and retro design structure on most of their key pieces, whilst Lucy Wang brings  more modern and edgy designs with their key pieces. Dishiki takes a more eclectic approach that offers both basic and premium collections, with a more classical and deluxe feel on both collections, allowing the customers to the have a wide range of options to choose from.  

Dressed In Lucy provides international shipping, so everyone around the world can get their hands on the exquisite items at the fashion boutique. Also, with the high deluxe quality of the boutique’s key piece, the items are being sold at very affordable and reasonable prices. Also, the eCommerce site is very organised and stylish, making it attractive and easier to source for the latest seasonal trends and the sale items.

Overall, Dressed In Lucy offers deluxe and sophistication through the brand affiliations and their collections. By have exclusivity to the fashion brands [Lucy Wang, Vera Lucy and Dishiki] key pieces, their provide the latest fashion trends of their collections, yet offer a variety of choices so customers can find something that suits their personal style.

Dress In Lucy with style.

*All pictures belong to Dressed In Lucy

Lucy Wang Plunge Neck Dress With Sheer Skirt & Glitter Detail *Available With Gold, Black and Pink*- £29.99
Longline Floral Lace Bralet *Available in Black, Pink and White* -£12.99
Dishiki Pearl Embellished Long Sleeve Velvet Dress Wine – £35.99

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