Arike x NATIV


Spotted: A collaboration with a sustainable and environmental-friendly water bottle brand that will motivate you into a healthier lifestyle.

NATIV is a water bottle brand that specialises in motivating people into achieving physical goals and encouraging people into a healthier lifestyle. They strive into giving the best water drinking experience through their inspiring and enticing messages.

The British e-tailer, which was established in 2014, aims to make the perfect lifestyle accessory by creating iconic 30oz time scheduled water bottles with sleek, bold and inspirational designs that ensures the best health habit you can have.

As well as the contemporary and stylish designs, NATIV also are eco-friendly and sustainable with the bottles being BPA free in order to reduce the amount of harmful disposable bottles in the environment.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with such an exhilarating and exciting brand, so I got the Blue Motivational Bottle.

Blue Motivational Water Bottle  – £15.99

This striking, vivid blue bottle encourages a more nutritious and thriving lifestyle by embodying the health and fitness customs, especially with its modern and memorable catchphrase “Beast Mode” and the trendy back design with the dynamic time schedules.

The solid Tristan plastic bottle has a wide neck, so you can add ingredients of any size, whether it’s pieces/slices of fruit or full size fruits and vegetables, and also makes the water more attractive and tastier. The flip up lid allows you to intake the water more easier and efficient and makes it an effortless accessory and sipping experience.

Overall, this product and brand is an amazing way to start your more healthier experience. They take into account the recommended daily intake of water to inspire the designs of the bottle, which will motivate people into enjoying drinking water, as well as being hydrated and rejuvenated.

Refresh and rehydrate in style with NATIV.





One Comment Add yours

  1. amberrose93 says:

    What a good idea, i love fruit infused water. it’s great to see bottle designers being eco friendly too.


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