Once In A Boho Moon


Spotted:An accessories e-tailer that has made Bohemian chic more popular

Bohomoon is an accessories and fashion brand that provides jewellery and clothing, which shows the beauty of bohemian style. Rings, chokers, moonstones and henna tattoos are some of the products that they use to represent the whimsical fashion style, with the addition of exquisite designs and details to the products to show their originality.

The independent British jewellery boutique, which was established in 2014 by Katie Lynch, has been featured in well-known editorial fashion magazines, such as Glamour, Elle and Vogue. Also it has over an astonishing 250k followers on all major social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) combined, which speaks volumes for the captivating boutique.



 Top Left Ring: Claddagh Opal Ring ‘Sterling Sliver’ – £17

 Top Center Ring: All Seeing Opal Ring – £32

Top Right Ring: Inspire Bracelet – £5

 Middle Left Necklace: Cosmic Om Necklace/Choker – £10

 Middle Center Ring: Heartbreak Opal Ring – £28

Bottom Left: Guide Me Moonstone Bracelet – £28

Bottom Center: Hamsa Earrings – £18

Bottom Right: Pluto Necklace : £1



Telia Swimsuit
Teila Crochet Swimsuit Black *Also Available in White* – £13

Bohomoon focuses on healing crystals, astrology, silver tones and symbolic cultural signs to create the unique products featured on the site. With great finesse to detail and the edgy craftsmanship, the jewellery reflects the high quality standards the brand seeks to offers its costumers. They also provide elegant clothing which emphasize the delicate, yet trendy attributes to the style.

The prices at Bohomoon are high street affordable, with products going for a £1. With the original prices being very affordable on its own, the sale prices will reduce prices to up to 80% off. The eCommerce website is very sleek , stylish and well-organised, so costumers will have no trouble finding and purchasing the desired products as well as enjoying the design layout and the information that comes from the site.

Overall, Bohomoon has significantly made Boho style and fashion more popular within fashion e-tailing. With worldwide shipping and very affordable delivery prices (£1.50 UK and £5.50 Rest of the World), it ensure that everyone is entitled to buy their products with ease. You can use the items with any outfits/style. It’s the online destination for bohemian fashion.

*All picture belong to Bohomoon*


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