Milk and Diamonds

Spotted: An independent fashion brand that has been featured in an editorial magazine within its first year

Milk and Diamond is a fashion e-tailer that provides a range of clothing, accessories and footwear to show the latest seasonal trends, as well as show the huge enthusiasm for fashion through its photography.

The British independent fashion boutique was established in March 2015 when the founder , Josie, wanted to make a contribution to the fashion industry  because she was “hugely obsessed” with fashion. Since starting the eCommerce site last March, the products has been featured in Cosmopolitan UK, which is a massive achievement for a fashion start-up. With that and 20k followers on all social platforms [Instagram, Facebook and Twitter] combined, it shows that it is becoming a serious competitor for other fashion brands.

GIGI Balmain Inspired Playsuit Black *Also Available in White* -£26.99


Minnie Pom Pom Pumps – £18
Elle Lace Co-ord White – £24.99
Susie Cut Out Swimsuit – £9.99

Milk and Diamonds sorts the products by collections, rather than the type of products. From the latest collection to the sales collection, each collection reflect the seasonal trends and the eclectic styles to suit everyone’s style.

The prices at Milk and Diamonds are very reasonable and they ensure that all costumers can purchase their products with their inclusive prices. To succeed in doing so, they made two specialized sections:

  • “£15 & under”
  •  “sale collection”

with the products being reduced to at least 25% off the original price in the sale collection. 

Overall, Milk and Diamonds has a lot of potential to become a very successful fashion eCommerce site, with beautiful designs and priced at a very affordable price. The fact that it has been featured in major editorial magazine in its first year shows how there’s more to come from the fashion brand.

*All pictures are from Milk and Diamonds*

Serena Floral Bomber Jacket – £14.99
Coco Gather Detail Backless Dress – £17.99


Jasmine Gypsy Top White – £9.99


Kylie Balmain Inspired Velvet Bodycon Dress – £15


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