I’m Buying This Wardrobe

Spotted: A fashion e-tailer that allows costumers to buy and sell preloved fashion designer products.

What do you get when you combine a fashion boutique with a site like eBay? BuyMyWardrobe is the answer. The online fashion store allows costumers to buy and sell their pre-owned designer items.

The London-based social shopping site devotes their services to make the experience of buying and selling pre-owned fashion products exciting, stylish, inspirational and fun. The main aim of the brand is to create a credible shopping environment for people to interact with others through browsing a variety of pre-owned high fashion material.



BuyMyWardrobe, which was founded by Kal Di Paola, started as a designer fashion recycling events in 2008 and launched as a eCommerce site in 2012; the pre-loved fashion company have rapidly evolved into a huge success, with more than 15 sold out events and a massive community of over 95k registered followers.

As well as the fact that BuyMyWardrobe sells preloved high fashion products at a very reasonable price, it also has its own blog to discuss and reveal the latest fashion style and news there is in the fashion industry. Styl.sh is BuyMyWardrobe separate blog that is aimed at young women, who have a strong interest in contemporary fashion. It serve as an extension to the marketplace, as it offers style inspiration and interesting content that are created by the members of the social shopping site.

Overall, BuyMyWardrobe combines social interaction with shopping, which makes it stand out from its competitors. They ensure that your can have a pleasure shopping experience, but also become inspired and appreciate the different styles around through its products and thier blog.Also having their central London boutique, BuyMyWardrobe allows costumers to have a personal shopping experience as well as on online, so they can boost the rapport between the clients and the brand.

*All pictures belong to BuyMyWardrobe*

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