The Different Types of Bosses in an Internship

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Going to your work environment on the first day of your internship you start to wonder certain things, whether it’s about your workload or your colleagues. But the main question is “What will my boss be like?”. It would be an understatement to say that the boss is one of the major factor of your internship experience, but the type of boss you get will determine how your internship is going to be. It could be a relax and laid-back experience or a strict yet very educational adventure, it all depends on the characteristics on your employer.

Chiara Ferrangi

Basically, there’s three main points on the spectrum.
Firstly, you have “The easy going” boss: He/she will be mainly very warming and chatty. They would feel that having a good social relationship with their employees would gain the respect more easily. This can be a blessing to have, as some bosses can lack some empathy, however, sometimes they could forget the whole purpose of the intern and the internship through the social relationship and the desire of having that respect. As an intern, you need to remember the motives of the internship and the end goals you want to achieve, no matter how much fun/relaxed you want it to be.

Then you have the “The middle person”: This type of person can be very easy-going, yet be very strict and stern, which could make you feel uneasy at times. They can be very friendly and bubbly one moment, but the next minute can be stressful to be around with their starky and blunt attitude. The problem is that you don’t know what type of person you’re going to get, making the day and the turnout of the internship very unpredictable. Despite the uncertainty, the chances of learning and developing your skills is very good because of the maturity of the boss; they know when to work and when to play.

Then finally, there’s “The strict one”: Bosses are usually meant to have authority and establish that mutual relationship of the employer and the employee. That being said, this type of person will enforce that ethos and not make any exceptions; meaning you can forget them tagging along to after work drinks. They can be very upfront, serious and, for the sensitive people, very hard to cope being around. However, you will definitely achieve all the ambitions within your internship, because they love drive, motivation and determination and people who have a passion of their future. It can be tough, but the chances for more opportunities will be sky-high.

Remember, what you see on TV is not the same as real life; chances are you aren’t going to relive a Devil Wears Prada experience to the fullest, but doesn’t mean the similar experience can’t happen to you.


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