Shine Bright Like The House of Emmanuele

Spotted: An Australian jewellery couture brand that has receive major retail and press attention

House of Emmanuele is an online jewellery boutique that offers couture jewellery and bodyart wear for costumers to glimmer and glow immensely in the sunlight. From head to toe, statement necklaces to small earcuffs, they ensure that every part of the body can be cover with their crystals.

The Australian accessories brand, which was founded by Emmanuele Tsakiris in 2003, rapidly received worldwide retail and press attention within the first three years of its establishment. Gracing the covers of very well-known editorial magazines, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and having influential celebrity following, with people like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, shows how popular the products and the brand has become.

Screenshot (23)
Titan Gladiator Crystal Glove
Screenshot (24)
The White Queen
Screenshot (25)
Crysto Eviana 
Screenshot (27)
Titan Crystal Trinity

House of Emmanuele‘s main signature design is fusing different elements through glamazonian necklaces with oversized precision cut Swarovski crystals and the usage of raw semi precious stones. The various designs that they offer can suit every type of style, from gothic to bohemian to glamorous deluxe. 

All pieces were handmade by Tsakiris, which represents why its so valuable and reflects the high quality standards that the brands offers to the costumers. The lookbook displays the various exquisite pieces from the different collections, which shows how the pieces can be combined and give costumers different ideas to incorporate them into their outfits. 

House of Emmanuele is about giving options to costumers. With a vast collection of key pieces to choose from and suiting different types of personal styles, it will allow costumers to become more interested with accessories and how to use it on outfits. The designs are sophisticated and beautifully crafted, which makes them so desirable to have. 

*All pictures belong to House of Emmanuele*

Screenshot (28)
Starbust Pendant Choker 
Screenshot (29)
Asteria Hermes Crystal Wings 
Screenshot (30)
Caldera Headpiece

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