Welcome To The Boutique Shop: How Social Media Platforms Are Making Boutiques Popular

Topshop, River Island and New Look. Popular fashion retail brands that have constantly hypnotized us with their designs, but shock us with their prices. However, there are small independent boutiques that are under the radar and, unbeknownst to majority of the public, provides more unique styles.

Fast forwarding to the 2010’s, now independent fashion labels has become a trendy talking point amongst bloggers and eventually the wider public. Clothing to accessories, there’s different types of concessions to draw everyone in. Even some fashion boutiques are only a social media account. So how did it this happen? The answer lies within social media.

@bestdressedx Pink Playsuit (Instagram)

Social media + fashion boutique = establishment to a wider audience, especially when 93% of adults in the UK alone uses/owns a mobile phone in the 21st century. The techniques that an in-store fashion retail would use, is what a boutique store would digitally utilize.

Visual attraction is the numero uno priority of a fashion store, and when in-stores are using visual merchandising to draw us in; boutiques are using technology to, not only take pictures and edit it, but to distribute it on social media worldwide for millions to see. They say three’s a crowd, but when boutiques are posting them on Instagram and the countless social media platforms available, they are taking it to a whole new level. This also helps the fact that some are small in space, which means people can’t really appreciate the beautiful views of their latest collection.

@FashionFriques_ Lace Crochet Strap Bralet Vest (Instagram) – £10

Different shades of filters and colours can make any fashion lover’s heart and purse wanting more. The best ones are the accessories brand; making the jewellery glisten in any photo without much effort, yet displaying it in the most elegant and glamorous way.

So with that analogy being said and technology replacing most things in society, is independent small boutiques actually replacing the traditional popular fashion retail stores?

*All pictures are from the respective linked Instagram account*


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