Hello From The Instagram: How Social Media is disrupting the Modelling Industry


If someone said in late 20th century that the word ‘selfie’ would be one of the top ten buzzwords of 2012, as well as end up as 2013’s Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, would you believe them? Social media has had a massive impact on modern society today, in courtesy of popular culture, celebrities and the phenomenon of mobile phone usage in the 21st century; leading to significant change of the structure in the fashion/modelling industry.

Nowadays, you don’t have to go for the usual go-see meeting to book a modelling job, or even get scouted face-to-face in public like Jourdan Dunn. Instead, model scouts now turn to the savvy world-wide web for new, fresh faces to grace the covers of magazines and endorsement brands.

Kendall Jenner
Kim Kardashian
Cara Delevingne 

With Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook being the crux of the idea of social media, model scouts have a variety of ideas and choices of who and what they are looking for their agency. But does it mean the end of the traditions within the modelling industry? Social media has definitely changed the game of how to start your modelling career.

Being that getting noticed is basically a numbers game; the bigger your follower count is, the bigger your chances are of being noticed. However, that isn’t really good news for the girl who walk through an agency’s door and hasn’t got a high social media followers count. That means that her chances are being already getting hindered by someone who’s getting hundreds of likes on a selfie on Instagram.

jourdan-dunn-model-fashion-instagram-ongiselleave.png (605×611)
Jourdan Dunn

Also, agencies won’t really be venturing out into busy shopping centres anymore because of apps like Feels, which is like a mobile model scouting apps for people to be brand ambassadors/ models for a campaign. And even though it is the 21st century, what if you don’t own a phone because of money issues or family restriction? Not everyone owns a phone to take pictures for the likes. As well as the fact that people could look completely different in person than on social media; thanks to the “perfect lightning” and what filter you use on Instagram or other editing apps.

The evolution and the importance of social media has made modelling agencies more diverse, yet introverted to the face-to-face interaction. With the interest of social media going up, the importance of go-see and the typical “first impressions” are diminishing. The way that people can change the way they look and fully deceive people with the type of filter and lightening, has made modern society more naïve and susceptible, which could be said for the modelling industry on how they scout for girls nowadays.

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