Go Down Coconut Lane

Spotted: An ultimate online boutique that will renovate your outfits and bedroom with sass and sophistication

* I’m a Coconut Queen for Coconut Lane, if you use the code arike20 to get a 20% discount*

Coconut Lane UK is a homeware and fashion accessories brand that offers a range of jewellery, home essentials, stationary and cases for women to add personality and individuality to themselves and their environment. They aim to inspire and motivate women, as well as turning dreams to reality with their sassy popular culture inspired designs.

The Oxford-based label started just nine months ago, back in September 2015, and since then has a very strong online social media presence amongst bloggers, due to the type of contemporary designs that Coconut Lane uses.



Pancakes & Prosecco Cushion Cover
Pancakes and Prosecco Cushion Cover – £18


Black Cali Sunglasses
Black Cali Sunglasses *Also Available in Marble* – £21


Beyonce Wall Art – £6


The Sassy Case
The Sassy Case – £28

With social media and popular culture being the crux of the brand, Coconut Lane UK intergrate famous modern day slogans, lines or objects into products that we would daily use. This includes slogans/lines from popular cult films (teen films)/celebrities or objects that has a significant influence to the female youth culture.

Featured designs include:

  • Classic lines from Mean Girls
  • Unicorns
  • Beyonce
  • Glitter
  • Diamonds

The Luxe Collection is the latest collection that represents the sophificated side of Coconut Lane UK, with the designs consisting of marble, diamonds and bold colourful patterns. Also, they have inspirational wall art messages and greeting cards that will defintely get you through those dull Monday mornings.

Coconut Lane UK value their bloggers by doing a blogging scheme called “Coconut Queen”, which allows bloggers to become ambassdors of the brand and offering tons of incentives to promote and endorse thier unique products.

Overall, Coconut Lane UK ensures that shopping is a right for the costumers to browse and purchase the stylish homeware necessities and dazzling accessories. Whether it brings a calming environment to your room space or add a more trendy, exciting vibe, Coconut Lane UK believes costumers has the right to treat themselves to inspiring, feel good products.

Follow the dream with Coconut Lane UK- Use ‘arike20’ for a 20% discount

*All pictures are from Coconut Lane UK*

Mermaid Scale Print Case
Mermaid Scale Print Case – £15
Stay Sparkly Wall Art
Stay Sparkly Wall Art – £6
Arrow Bangle - 2 Colours
Arrow Bangle Two Colours – £12.50





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  1. wyildaafnorden says:

    Great products! Keep up the good work.


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