Love Lunar Made And Back

Lunar Made

Spotted: A jewellery brand that creates unique handmade accessories

Lunar Made is an accessories brand that converts natural stones and crystals into unique, exquisite jewellery pieces. Their aim is to spread positivity, happiness and inspiration through the designs of the products. The brand of founded by model Elena Wood.

Some of the products are handmade, which the British jewellery boutique takes pride in, whilst others are limited edition and never restocked when it’s sold out.With the 35.5k followers on Instagram seeing their mystical products on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that the brand is becoming rapidly popular.


Image of Zion
Zion 18k Gold Plated *Available in the colours seen* – £20
Image of Zodiac girl
Zodiac Girl *Available in All Star Signs* -£6
Image of Rose wands
Rose Wands – £20
Image of Rose - 925 silver
Rose 925 Silver – £9

Lunar Made exudes a magical, whimsical aura about the brand, because of its galaxy/Wicca/ Bohemian theme. The range of stock has a variety of moon crescents, star signs, symbols/products that relates to magic and specially designed crystals that will make you stand out in the crowd with its strikingly beautiful style.

Lunar Made has a wide selection of accessories. From necklaces/chokers to temporary tattoos, they have every necessity to make you more edgy and stylish with a spiritualistic attitude.As well as the accessories, they have a collection of clothes with a hippy, retro vibe. The products are at a very reasonable price, considering the products are either handmade or limited edition and also uniquely designed to represent individuality.

Overall, Lunar Made has made boho chic more fashionable with its range of products. Costumers over the world can have the chance to get these one-of-a-kind items with the international shipping it provides. All deliveries are recorded/tracked to ensure that the products aren’t lost and can get to costumers on time.

Become a Lunar babe with Lunar Made.

*All pictures belong to Lunar Made*

Image of Henna style temp tattoos
Henna Style Temp Tattoos – £5
Image of Cosmo choker
Cosmo Choker – £7
Image of Breathe
Breathe – £4
Image of Angel baby
Angel Baby – £15

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