Getting Dressed Up in The Dollshouse

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Spotted: A high premium fashion boutique that all the celebrities love to go.

The Dolls House is a fashion brand that offers high premium products that wouldn’t be found on the high street. From sparkly sequined designs to silky smooth satin designs, The Dolls House shows versatility to give people a variety of options and suits everyone’s preferences.

Since the inauguration of the Manchester-based fashion boutique, which was founded by Rebecca Henry, the company has rapidly progressed through the large audience. It has become extremely popular on social media, with over 100k followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, as well as the large celebrity clientele, which includes stars like actress Jennifer Metcalfe and reality star Jessica Wright.


Belle Playsuit in Khaki *Available in Black and White* -£270
Nina Belle Dress in Nude -£180
Savannah Tunic in White Aztec Lace – £170
Belle Blouse in Ruby Red *Also Available in WhiteMink, Black, Navy, Silver and Mustard*- £120

The British fashion brand has both a eCommerce site and an actual boutique store in Manchester, so it gives costumers the choice of the stress-free online shopping experience or the retail therapy that always put a smile of people’s faces.

The main aim of The Dolls House is to provide unique designs to costumers to look elegant and glamorous. The different texture and designs reciprocates the glamour and glitz lifestyle, which makes you look prestigious for occasions like special events, a wedding or even prom.

Overall, the brand is very exquisite and versatile through the products, the store and the costumer service that they offer. The garments definitely reflect the prices, because the way that its constructed is so meticulous.

Look glamorous with The Dolls House.

*All pictures belong to The Dolls House*

Alexis Dress in Gold Harlequin Sequin *Also Available in Multi Coloured Sequin* -£270
Product Thumb
Luxa Jumpsuit in White Sequin -£270
Cara Top and Short Set in White Aztec Lace -£220
Product Thumb
Cami Baroque Dress in Ivory -£220

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