Social Media Edition: Dress Me Zara


Spotted: An independent fashion boutique that fashion bloggers are loving on Instagram

Dress Me Zara is a fashion e-tailer that sells contemporary high quality fashion trends at a reasonable price. What you see is what you get, as they aim to show costumers an accurate representation of the garment through their photography, which has become a major issue lately. To ensure this, all pictures are taken by them personally.

The young British fashion brand have an amazing social media presence on Instagram, with 64.6k followers currently following the independent fashion boutique. Considering it just started to post content on the social platform since March this year, it shows that the company is going to excel immensely through its rapid growth on social media.

Black Swan Dress
Black Swan Dress – £20
Darcy Sequin Playsuit
Darcy Sequin Playsuit – £48
Clancy Black Mesh Detail Jumpsuit
Clancy Black Mesh Detail Jumpsuit – £45
Zebra Print Bodysuit
Zebra Print Bodysuit – £35

With the eclectic collections they are offering, Dress Me Zara are allowing fashion bloggers to explore and post content that consists of the most sophisticated and stylish products. From dresses to swimwear, Dress Me Zara gives bloggers a variety of ideas and themes to create gorgeous content for blogs, as well as making costumers look flawless.

They have a dedicated section for their Bandage Dresses Collection, with an assortment of different designs and colour palettes, so everyone has a wide range of choices to choose from. They are proving to be very popular amongst costumers, as majority of the products from the collection are sold out.

The designs and styles from Dress Me Zara is a combination of celeb-inspired and high fashion, because of the accumulation of sparkles, sequins, glitter and elegance; a reflection of the glitz and glamour lifestyle.

Overall, Dress Me Zara is a force to be reckoned with. With the huge Instagram presence and the wide range of high quality products, costumers will be eager to get their hands on something from the fashion brand on their payday.

*All pictures, apart from the last photo, was taken from Dress Me Zara*

Finley Cutout Bodycon Dress
Finley Cutout Bodycon Dress – £42
Paris Lace Jumpsuit - Black
Paris Lace Jumpsuit – £45
Venus Side Split Dress -Black
Venus Side Split Dress Black – £39
Pippa Gold Sequin Chain Top
Pippa Gold Sequin Chain Top -£10.99 *Picture belongs to @Indiaward, but Dress Me Zara pics are available on page*

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