Fame Death

Since the beginning of this year, many well-known celebrities, who were influential during a certain time period of people’s lives or who just recently became a world phenomenon, has sadly passed so abruptly.

Whether it’s from life threatening diseases/illness or social factors, such as drug overdoses or gunshot infliction, many articles has commented of how 2016 has become the most deadliest year of celebrity deaths.

With the Daily Express reporting the passing of 82 talented stars within four months (January-April), it just puts things in perspective that life is precious, yet so short. Anything could happen, at anywhere, any time. The sad thing about it is some, who were taken by illnesses, such as David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Victoria Wood, were so significant in the entertainment industry, as well as the public. The others, who died of social factors, such as Prince and the recent Christina Grimmie, were so young and had so much more to give and inspire others with their ingenious work, which will be remembered in the decades that followed.

The stars who sadly passed away became important in people lives; a role model to people.The main purpose of this post is to show that the life that is given should be about achieve your life goals and never hesitate to do something, that could inspire others as well as yourself like the celebrities in passing or in present.


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