I Want Her Wardrobe Now!

Want Her Wardrobe

Spotted: A upcoming fashion e-tailer that has rapidly progressed since starting back in 2014

Want Her Wardrobe is a fashion e-tailer that provides fashionable womenswear and accessories for people to make their wardrobe collection more vibrant and exciting. They aim to provide a simple, yet pleasurable online shopping experience with an easy website to navigate through, as well as the exceptional costumer service they are offering.

The online apparel store, which is based in Dudley, West Midlands, launched in 2014 and since then has a rapid growth on both social media and the e-commerce site, especially with 32k followers on Instagram, the exquisite web design and certifying international shipping.

Arabella Dress Olive 1
Arabella Dress Olive Sequin *Also Available in White* – £49.99
Marina 3
Marina Playsuit Mirror Sequin -£42.99
Azula Top White 3
Azula Top White *Also Available in Champagne* -£29.99
Gilliana Dress 1
Gilliana Dress Nude – £42.99

With the summer season starting, Want her Wardrobe has completely updated their collection.They have all seasons covered, especially when they dedicated a section for their new swimwear collection for the summer season, which are ideal for the Ibiza raves, Marbella beach parties and the Miami heat.

Maldives Swimsuit 1
Maldives Swimsuit -£26.99
Saint Lucia Swimsuit 1
Saint Lucia Bandage Swimsuit Black – £32.99
Paradise Black 1
Paradise Crystal Swimsuit Black – £32.99

The prices definitely reflects the quality of the products, as they embody deluxe, glamorous and elegance with its sparkly and detailed designs. Want Her Wardrobe has a variety of accessories, ranging from a large collection of beauty, jewellery and sunglasses.

The beauty collection consists of eyelashes sets and cosmetics (contouring and eyeshadow palettes); the jewellery collection consists of statement necklaces that will add the sparkling touch to the outfit, and the sunglasses collection consists of different styled sunglasses to suit every individual’s personal taste.

Overall, Want Her Wardrobe is an exciting, new fashion brand that is ready to give its competitors a run for their money. With new items coming in weekly, you can never get bored with coming back. Considering how high quality the products are, the delivery and shipping rate are very affordable, no matter where you are in the world. Also, with queries being answered within 12 hours, Want Her Wardrobe will never leave you stranded.

*All pictures are from Want Her Wardrobe*

Saskia rose gold 4
Saskia Dress Rose Gold – £44.99
Brea 3
Brea Playsuit Nude -£39.99
make out lash
Make Out Lash -£3.99
Movida 4
Movida Dress Gold – £44.99












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