The Divine Designs of Tatty Devine


Spotted: An independent accessories company that designs and micro-manufactures original jewellery.

Tatty Devine is an independent accessories company that creates a collection of high quality original jewellery that individually have distinctive, unique and exquisite designs. The collection has featured in high fashion magazines, such as Vogue, as well as showing their collections at London Fashion Week.

The British jewellery brand, which was founded in 1999 by Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, opened a store in Brick Lane, East London, in 2001 and then expanded the franchise by opening a store in Covent Garden in 2009. This allowed more costumers to see their captivating jewellery collection. They have embarked on various collaborations, which includes Robot in Disguise and Berlin eletro-group Chicks on Speed.


Folk Art Pendant
Folk Art Pendant – £10
Furry Heart Necklace
Furry Heart Necklace – £35


Mexican Embroidery Necklace - Multi
Mexican Embroidery Necklace Multi – £125


Bougainvillea Statement Necklace
Bougainvillea Statement Necklace – £345

With majority of the products being handmade, the design are created from scratch and laser cut into colourful and flamboyant accessories that represents exuberant fabrications that blurs the boundary between art, fashion and culture.

Necklaces to brooches, Tatty Devine has various collections that shows a variety of different types of styles that suits all seasons and occasions. From the SS16 collection to the Personalised collections, all the items are reflect their high quality prices, with their assorted use of materials and production techniques that enhance the jewellery designs.

Scorpio Birthday Necklace
Scorpio Birthday Necklace – £35


Neoclassical Bust Necklace
Neoclassical Bust Necklace – £75

Costumers, like mentioned above, have a chance to personalise your necklace. They have an option to write their name or a customised text, change the font and change the charm of the necklace. Also costumers has the option to increase the size, add an additional line, and change the colour charm into a deluxe colour or a limited edition for £10 for each alternative choice .

Overall, Tatty Devine shows how creativity can transform into a real life, artistic ornament that can be appreciated into a postmodernist view of contemporary art and allows you to stand out in a positive and confident way.

*All Pictures, apart from the logo, are from Tatty Devine*

Rainbow Necklace
Rainbow Necklace – £65
Optical Art Ring Set
Optical Art Ring Set – £15
Glitter Heart Necklace
Glitter Heart Necklace – £20
Jasper Cameo Large Necklace
Jasper Cameo Large Necklace – £165


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