I Desperately Need That Dress

Need That Dress

Spotted: A new fashion e-tailer that has just launched

Need That Dress is a new fashion e-tailer that provides the latest fashion trends, both clothing and accessories, to savvy stylish shoppers in the UK, Ireland, Canada and America.

The Cheshire based company, who launched the online boutique store earlier this year, hopes to boost the confidence and self-esteem of individual through their fashionable products that is suited for various personal styles.


Kendall Jenner Inspired Plunge Jumpsuit – £28.95
Mckenna Bardot Zip Bodycon Dress – £22.95
Nadine Navy Floral Trousers – £14.95


Katie Black Plunge Front Keyhole Top *Also Available in Pink* – £18.95

Need That Dress provides a variety of clothing that makes sure costumers are ready for the upcoming season, as well as being up-to-date with the current season’s trends and designs. The products covers all types of occasions, from going to the park to going on a night out in London.

The items are very affordable, considering in the ‘Sale’ section that majority of the items are under £20. The brand even has a lounge wear collection specially for kids, which makes Need That Dress a very versatile fashion company that is open to a wider audience.

With the various social media platforms that they use, Need That Dress is definitely a upcoming fashion e-tailer, that is ready to compete with other online fashion stores. They are setting high standards of costumer service, as they got a Live Chat box so they can respond to you very quickly and published their email address, in case you need to explain your problem in a more elaborate way. With the quick shipping and delivery, you don’t have to worry about your item being on time for a occasion.

*All pictures are from Need That Dress*


Black Snake T-Bar Stiletto Heels – £15.95



Jilly Floral Swing Top – £17.95


Navy Tailored Fitted Blazer *Available in Ivory, Stone, Khaki, Carmel, Grey, Cersie & Black* – £24.95
Bethany Black Ripped Knee Jeans | needthatdress.com
Bethany Black Ripped Knee Jeans *Also Available in Mocha* – £18.00


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