Wardrobe Filled With Fashion Trends

SM Papa

Spotted: A Northern fashion e-tailer that has a wide range of celebrity-inspired clothing.

Wardrobe Boutique Bacup offers a variety of celebrity-inspired fashion trend for customers worldwide. From modern dresses to wear, to elegant accessories to spice up the overall look, Wardrobe Boutique covers all areas for you to look expensive.

The Lancashire based online fashion boutique store offers very affordable items with its on-going sale, as well as the brand new stock that is added daily.

Chanel Slinky Gathered Maxi Dress – £39.99


Rita Slashed Loungesuit | Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Rita Slashed Lounge-wear – £22.99


Luna Bandage Two Piece | Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Luna Bandage Two Piece – £34.99


Scalloped Lace Dress Available from Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Scalloped Lace Dress – £10

Wardrobe Bacup has two whole section dedicated to the very unique sale they offer. One is the ‘Sale’ section, where all items that are over £5 but discounted from the original price, while the ‘£5 and less’ consists of all sale items that emphasize that name of the section. This enhances the desired costumer service they want to provide to their costumer, as it’s more inclusive for costumer, because of the affordable prices, as well as making it more efficient for them, because it makes it less stressful and easier to browse for the intended item.

Wardrobe Bacup has got a variety of item to provide, as well as has an attractive and sophisticated web layout for you to browse and buy items for its range of stock, so they can give a simple yet exciting shopping experience.

*All pictures belong to Wardrobe Bacup*


Sequin Top Available at Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Sequin Top – £4.99


Cami Sequin Playsuit Available From Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Cami Sequin Playsuit – £29.99


Mina Silver Heart Necklace Available from Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Mina Silver Heart Necklace – £7.50


Sequin Skirt Available From Wardrobe Boutique Bacup
Sequin Skirt – £4.99


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