How Social Media Has Made An Impact On Fashion

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Since 2004, when one of the biggest social media platforms Facebook was launched, digital media has become a massive influence on the way brands/designers advertise their product to their intended audience, as well as a wider audience that could be attracted to the visual/written content of the product’s description.

Whether it is high-street fashion e-tailers or high-end fashion designers, they have ensured that social media is a top priority of making sure that their costumers know the update on their latest stock and designs, but also know the current trends and latest news in the fashion industry.


Visual Attraction

Instead of the product being publicized in a press release format, which consist of a couple of pictures and then majority of the content is text, the brand designers can take it upon themselves and promote their items in a visual form. In courtesy of social media platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, designers can make the content short and snappy by adding a compilation of photos of their latest merchandise, and underneath a short description or the link to the brand eCommerce site, where you can purchase the product.

With different reports stating that visual communication is more effective than written communication, brand designers choose to use this option, because of the creative freedom and how effective it can be on the audience.

Also the option of video blogging ‘vlogging’ became available when people use Youtube or Facebook for longer videos, such as tutorials or product reviews, or Snapchat and Instagram for short videos for promotional purposes (previews).

Live Streaming 

With digital media being a powerful media outlet, broadcasters have now used the internet to broadcast live streaming of big events. So no matter where you are, you can have accessibility to be able to watch the fashion shows from fashion week and see what is going on. Youtube was one of the main platforms to use this function.

Overall, social media has had a massive impact on fashion by the way we promote the brand and how we can allow viewers to have more access to the live action at the fashion shows.



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