Top 5 Fashion Apps

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With Fashion week quickly approaching, having the top fashion social apps on your devices are vital, so you can stay up-to-date with the new trends, events and fashion news that will appear in the media over the upcoming weeks. These are the top 5 fashion apps that are recommended for the forthcoming fashion season.


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    : This app is about being discovered by the biggest music and fashion brands in the UK and discovering new fashion looks and styles from other bloggers, whether there are video tutorials or photos. With casting opportunities for brands like Boohoo, Storm Models and Lavish Alice, this app will allow you to attend the biggest fashion event, such as London Fashion Week, or becoming ambassadors of their brand. Feels will definitely keep you updated with the latest fashion trends and ideas , yet give you an amazing career head-start in the industry.


Bloglovin’: After launching back in 2007, this app is most popular for promoting your blog to a wider audience. Since then, it has become fashion-oriented, as it has been considered one of the most recommended apps to use to post your content onto as it helps send traffic back to your blog, as well as over 25 million people visit the online site and the mobile app. This app will always make you aware of upcoming fashion designers, e-tailers and styles, as well as other fashion styles because of the ability of reading all the reviews and articles in one place, which will make the reader’s reading experience more enjoyable, yet allowing them to appreciate the visual-appeasing contents and the written information at the same time.


Tumblr: This micro-blogging app has become a phenomenon over the years. From high fashion couture content to fashion-inspirations, people has used most ideas and posted catwalk runway pictures from the biggest fashion events on Tumblr. The app can give you ideas and information through just a collection of photos or through photo and text, which gives the readers the options of how to get the information, which makes them more engaging. During any fashion events, Tumblr will be one of the most used platforms.


Pinterest: Pinterest app is all about finding ideas for your projects and blogs. This is a great place to find out all the latest trends and news through imagery, as well as lifestyle guides and ideas that can influence your day-to-day activities.


Instagram: With the option to edit and publish picture with various effects, Instagram has been one of the most popular apps to use for a fashion aspect. Making pictures more professional, this app can make you become more recognized within the blogging community. Fashion bloggers use this platform to make their pictures more dynamic, which would make them stand out from other bloggers.

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