Urban Chic Outlet of Fashion


Spotted: A fashion e-tailer that makes fashion inclusive for everyone.

Urban Chic Outlet supplies the latest fashion trends for costumers worldwide. The UK based online store updates the stock every week, allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Starting in 2012, Urban Chic Outlet has made the items they provide very affordable for costumers worldwide, as they believe that fashion is a right, not a luxury. By the way that they are charging low shipping fees worldwide, it seems that their are making online shopping a right not a luxury as well.


Extermely Sequin Dresses
Extreme Sequin Dresses *Colours Available seen above* – £29.99


Embellished  Bras
Embellished Bras *Styles available seen above* – £22


Feather Neck Collar
Feather Neck Collar – £26.99
Sliver Sequin Maxi Dress
Silver Sequin Maxi Dress– £29.99

Urban Chic Outlet supplies women’s clothing, footwear and accessories to show its versatility. They also do a peculiar section for sequined items, making it easier to find outfits for a party.

Urban Chic Outlet has a strong presence on social media, as they have various social media account; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

Overall, the main principle of Urban Chic Outlet is the costumers. Whether it’s supplying the latest trends or delivering the items to them in the most efficient way, Urban Chic Outlet focuses on a delivering a simple yet exciting shopping experience.

*All pictures are from Urban Chic Outlet*

White And Sliver Studd Dress
White And Sliver Studded Dress  *Available in Black*- £40
Sliver Sequin Dazzel Playsuit Dress
Silver Sequin Dazzel Playsuit Dress – £35.99
Mini Feather Skirt
Mini Feather Skirt – £25
Gemometric Lust Dress
Gemometric Lust Dress – £35

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