Phantom Jewel Are Forever

Spotted: A jewellery brand that designs extraordinary jewellery at high quality .

Phantom Jewels is an accessories e-boutique that produces statement necklaces and premium rings that will emphasize ageless beauty. No matter how small the product is, the London based e-tailer always provides exquisite designs to make costumers feel special when they wear it in public.

Image of Gold Aphrodite
Gold Aphrodite  – £25
Image of Coveteur Gold
Coveteur Gold – £25
Image of Fenyx
Fenyx – £18.50
Image of Parisian Fantasy Sterling Silver Ring
Parisian Fantasy Sterling Sliver Ring – £25

Due to high demands, Phantom Jewels took their designs to the next level by creating ‘stackable combos’, which consist of emerging two necklace styles together to create its gigantic sparkling design structure.

The products has the attributes of a designer brand, but are selling them at affordable prices. Phantom Jewels ship worldwide and also provide free delivery for costumers in the UK.

Image of Azur Elixir
Azur Elixir – £24.99
Image of The 'Unadulterated Supremacy' Luxe Combo
Unadulterated Supremacy Luxe Combo –  £33
Image of Parisian (Gold Edition)
Parisian Gold *Also Available in Silver* – £25.99
Image of Heart Luxe Sterling Silver Ring
Heart Luxe Sterling Silver Ring – £24.99

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