The Hangover Cure💊

For anyone who constantly has the worst hangovers, this link above could help.

Sense For A Night Out is a multivitamin that enhance the body’s response to drinking. We love a night out but hate the morning after, whether it’s getting up for lectures/work or making some bad decisions from the night before. This could make the day a tiny bit better… Depending how bad the antics was from the night before🙊

Containing 100% natural mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids & antioxidants, Sense For A Night Out is ideal for those:
– That don’t drink regularly
– Have a busy day following their night out
– Those who want to stay out a little longer
– Hesitant drinkers

The idea for the product is to:
-Reduce tiredness
-Balance your body’s energy metabolism, in courtesy of the vitamins within the product
-Contributes to the rehydration & electrolytes balance
– Replenishes B vitamins, assisting the nervous system.

The product is suitable for vegetarians & vegans, as well as people on a kosher & halal diet.

Eat, sleep, rave and repeat👍

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