Anya Hindmarch And Her Animated Bags


Spotted: An accessory brand that uses real life logos/signs to bring the product to life.

Frosties Maxi Featherweight Ebury – £1,395.00


Rainbow Vanity Case  – £325
No U-Turn Ephson Top- Handle – £1,495
Roundabout Valorie – £395

Anya Hindmarch is a footwear & accessories brand that uses bold graphic design to make you stand out for all the right reason. The eponymous brand has turned into a global success, with 40 stores worldwide, which includes flagship stores in London, New York and Tokyo.

Founded in 1987 in London, Anya Hindmarch has become renowned for the creativity and how fashion-forward it has become, because of its exquisite designs, which gives off a pop culture impression.

Rainbow Mink Scarf – £995

There are many collections that are available, including the new collection for the S/S16 season. This collection uses a rainbow theme with 70’s inspired graphic designs to symbolize carefree & happiness.

Rainbow Small Bathurst Satchel – £1,295
Rainbow Mink Pencil Case – £995


Smiley Featherweight Ebury Tote – £995

Another notable collection is the A/W15 collection. This collection was inspired by driving and road signs, as the graphic design reflect the real life road signs you see on a daily basis.

Go Small Bathurst Satchel – £1,195
Imperial Eyes Clutch – £895
Men At Work Maxi Featherweight Ebury -£1,495
No Entry A4 Two Way Journal – £495

Anya Hindmarch also created unique stickers to customize your bags/totes/clutches with. From the rainbows to star signs, you can make it to fit your style.

Overall, Anya Hindmarch is one-of-a-kind brand that allows you to customize your products, as well as looking quirky with all the graphic designs. If only if I had the money to get one bag…

Scorpio Zodiac Sticker – £45
Custard Cream Clutch – £995
Clip-On Loose Pocket – £225
OOPS! Sticker – £45


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