Brushes With The Different Colour Spectrum

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Spotted: A cosmetic brush brand that can make you glow with its vibrant colour brushes.

I don’t really do beauty posts but when I do one, it means I got to have it. Spectrum Collections is a brush brand that specializes in giving you the best beauty look, with their boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where the rainbow-like products are teamed with expert design.

POMPOUCHcopy_1024x1024Pom Poms Ready 4 Piece PomPouch Set – £34.99


Spectrum Collections Siren Sculpt – £44.99


Mermaid Dreams The Glam Clam – £59.99

The products are hand finished, vegan and animal friendly; so everyone can use it without fear. The brushes are made with high quality synthetic hair , making ensure that the brushes are amazingly soft.

The products can be shipped to different places such as:

  • Different places in Europe
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Australia

And many more.

The products are always high on demand and sell out quickly, so you definitely can’t hesitate too long if you want to buy a piece/set.

People with sensitive skin, vegans, animal lovers and beauty/fashion lovers, Spectrum Collection can definitely bring a shine to your skin.

For individual brushes:

For sets:

*All pictures belong to Spectrum Collections*


Ultimate 30 Piece Set – £99.99


#No.1 Fan Large Fan – £9.99


Game, Set, And… Tapered Setting Brush – £7.99

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  1. rebeccarose says:

    Saw these at the Clothes Show in Birmingham and fell in love with them 😍


    1. arikedidris says:

      Omg, I don’t blame you, so gorgeous😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

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