Ashanti Brazil

logo (3)

Spotted: Ashanti Brazil, a Brazilian inspired online fashion e-tailer.

The young fashion brand, founded by Annabel Nielsen, supplies fashionable clothing by combining a feminine, boho-chic and seductive approach to their items.


Jungle Dream Playsuit – £25


Tan Fringe Suede Jacket – £45


Black Backless Maxi Dress – £34


Nude Lace Scallop Midi Dress – £19

Seen in Cosmopolitan ‘must-haves’, Ashanti Brazil infuses unique designs and colours together to create a glamorous collection of clothes for costumers to feel confident and be eye-catching for all the right reasons.

From clothing to swimwear, Ashanti Brazil has everything you’ll need all-year round, so even if you want to go on a getaway trip to Australia now,they will supply you with many options.

Ashanti Brazil’s social media presence is safe to say very prominent to them and their followers as their blog has help informed the audience of the latest news in the fashion industry, as well as the latest trends and tips to apply to their [the followers] personal styles.

No matter how far away you are from Brazil, you can shop and order worldwide, so that way no one can be left out.


Black Floral Peplum Top *Also available in Teal*- £15


Asymmetric Neck Maxi Dress – £24


Penelope Suede Dress *also available in Arabella*- £55


Elodie Playsuit *Also available in Gisele*- £49


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