Arike x Dresslink

So, I checked my emails and see a email from Dresslink. The email was about doing a cooperation with them. Considering I have been only blogging for four months, I was so surprise, yet excited, to do this.

Picking out the items from the budget I had was so hard, because there was so much to choose from. So many amazing clothes at VERY reasonable prices with a restricted budget, a true shopping dilemma. At the end, I decided to pick these two items as my samples:


Celeb Floral Print Playsuit – £8.26


Bohemian Style Printed Lace Trim 3/4 Sleeve – £5.14

The delivery was very cheap and quick with no delays/mishaps, and this is how the products looked before I wore them…

New, beautiful and ready to wear. So I wore it and this is how it looks..

 Fotor_14439618485753 Fotor_144396017729471 Fotor_144396104552464 Fotor_144396146348881

Fotor_144396253913745  Fotor_144396285647469 Fotor_144396242077374 Fotor_144396304128223 Fotor_144396268010281

I can’t express how I love these outfits and how they fit on me. Considering that I’m a tall person, the length is perfect and I would feel comfortable going out in the outfits.

When I ordered on Dresslink, I ordered these clothes in my exact size (size 10) and it was a perfect fit for both of these outfits, so if you want to order clothes on the site, I recommend you order your EXACT size.

Overall, like I said on my last post about Dresslink, the site is amazing; making your online shopping experience more efficient and stress-free. The clothes will make you look modern and glamorous at all times. Finally, when you get the items you’ll be definitely satisfied with the items and the fact you did your online shopping with Dresslink.

 *Shoes are from Very*

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  1. I love dresslink and their amazing quality of products..Loved them
    Do visit my blog for my new post..Would be awesome to hear from you 🙂


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