La Fashion With LaModa


Usually I would find online fashion e-tailers that would be mostly clothes orientated, but this one is completely different from the rest.

LAMODA, a footwear and accessories fashion etailer, gives that vibrant and unique approach towards online shopping for fashion lovers & bloggers. The Manchester based brand sends some retro vibes with their collection of products, which includes bandannas, septum nose rings, and chokers.

ready_or_not_-_sut42_0_black_1 (1)

Ready Or Not Black – £26.99


One In A Million Black – £19.99


Supa Dupa Fly Mini Black – £17.99


Just Hold On – £2.50

With the three different sections of trends (Health Goth, Cyber Princess, and Western Spirit), there’s something for everyone & everything can suit everyone’s personal style one way or another.

LAMODA’s products are so reasonable, they could give Primark a run for their money. BUT LAMODA still holds a extremely high quality for their products & its costumers.

So with the accessories looking glamorous, the beautiful footwear, what are you waiting for?


Summer Of Love Pink – £14.99


Made You Look Black – £24.99


Bad To The Bone Red – £24.99


Tiki’s In Waikiki Purple – £5.99


Godness Gold Necklace – £4.99


California Love Red – £2.99


Hey Teddy Keyring Black – £2.99


Fluffy Snowball White – £1.99

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