How To Find Your Personal Style

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Your twenties can be a confusing decade. You’re finding your feet in the working world, trying to figure out your opinions, your morals – finding out who you are. The same applies for fashion. When your student days are behind you, you may find yourself suddenly hating your wardrobe. You’re a grown up now and you want to start a fresh – find your own personal style. But how?

Whether they are weird, frickin’ bizarre, or down right risqué, we use different type of fashion styles, in different stages in our lives, to reflect our identity. Some people follow the current trends to be fashion-forward and modern; while others divert from everyone else and find a peculiar style, to be unique. Faux-pas or not, your style should make you happy and content in life, no matter what people say. But if you can’t figure out your style, this might help.


There’s always a beginning to everyone’s personal style, whether it’s happened naturally over time, or because it’s been inspired by someone else. You can’t deny that celebrities and the media play a large role in influences people’s style. Finding someone with a style you love can be an easy starting point. Look for celebrities that you can easily relate to and take some pointers, from head to toe.

For quirky people:

Stars like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj would be a good choice, why?

Very Unique – Definitely will make you noticed and stand out.
Confident – They embody the essence of high self-esteem, and that “don’t care” attitude.
Some fabulous quirky items:

Boohoo – £15

Motel Rocks – £48

Topshop – £55

LucLuc – £16.72

 Liquor ‘n’ Poker – £64.99

And for the more tamed version of the quirky option (the conservative but loves the current trends):

Celebrities like Michelle Keegan, Kim Kardashian, Kendall & Kylie Jenner demonstrate this style perfectly.

  • Very influential – Their fashion styles may be toned down compared to the stars mentioned above, but the style is very modern, as well as very glamorous.
  • Confident – Their presence on the red carpet/events reflects the pride they have for themselves.

Examples to follow:

Missguided – £35

Michelle Keegan at Lipsy – £38

Rare London – £15

Blue Vanilla – £40

The Fashion Bible – £24.99

Finally, for the girls for the sophisticated and high-end look:

Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, and Blake Lively are definitely the perfect role models for this. Why?

  • Leaders not Followers – Because they are so fashion-forward with their style, it would eventually become a trend that people will start to follow.
  • Timeless looks – Because they always look sophisticated ALL the time, they are always referred to and remembered as fashion icons, rather than celebrities trying to look good for one day.

Clothes like these will set you in the right direction:

Beginning Boutique – £18.35

Missguided – £55

Boohoo – £20

Choies – £14

Romwe – £14.26

Know Yourself

Our clothes need to make us look and feel good, and knowing your body shape can really help. Knowing which styles suit you can save you from a potential faux pas. When you’ve figured out your body type, try on items in your wardrobe and see if they are truly flattering for your figure. If more than half of your clothes don’t make you feel great then it’s a sign you need to do some shopping.


Don’t feel like you HAVE to comply with the current trends to fit in. Find a style that expresses your identity, and works for your body at the same time.

REMEMBER: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”- Coco Chanel.

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