How To Look Expensive On A Budget

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Okay, so the recession ended a while ago, but some of us have still got a big empty hole in our pockets. Maybe it’s because you chose shopping over saving, buying Fendi over food, ignoring the fact that you’ve got a stack of bills to pay each month. So how do you solve the problem? You have to place yourself on a budget. Noooo I hear you scream. Budgeting is every shopaholic’s worst nightmare and just hearing the word can send shivers up any fashionista’s spine. Until now that is…

Yes believe it or not, you can still look on-point without going OTT with the card transactions. The best part is, if you follow these simple rules, people will never know you’re low on funds. Remember natural is key.

Lets start with the head.

1. Hair

Some people think the bigger the hair, the more glamorous you look. This could include using dodgy hair extensions. No. It’s actually the more well- groomed, the better.

This consists of:

  • A good wash and blow dry- You must have clean, healthy hair, because damaged hair is definitely not a good look. Use stuff with coconut oil, shea butter etc; to give your hair that extra glow whilst making it healthier.
  • Give your hair some style: Whether it’s straight, all curled up, or with hair accessories, your hair needs some styling to look the part. If you got no ideas, then think of the girls of Gossip Girl – they’ve got expensive looking hair down to an art.

2. Face

Since the noughties, girls have decided to create a new complexion, the “Oompa-Loompa” skin tone. Taking tanning and applying foundation to a whole another level. However, you want to look expensive, not cheap.

Use a MINIMAL amount of cosmetics- When I emphasises the word minimal, I mean applying makeup/ fake eyelashes. You might have a qualification in art but you are no Picasso.

3. Clothes

Okay, so this is the most important bit of the whole thing. Get this wrong and it will go very bad.

When it comes to clothes, the key is to look for a good fit. Not too big, not too small – it needs to compliment your body perfectly. Keep items clean and well ironed, so you look well groomed. Then you can experiment with different styles.

Some relatively cheap but expensive looking items we love:



White Plus Size Bowtie Pleated Back Asymmetric Shirt – £18.12



Backless Bow Pleated Blouse – £8.85



Striped Pussybow Blouse – £10

Mixed these tops with jeans/trousers.

Or the smart causal look (example):


River Island

White Diamond Print Shirt Playsuit – £45


Blue Vanilla

Artemis Chain Necklace Split Back White Top – £20


Pretty Little Things

Julia Black Cowl Neck Jumpsuit – £15

4. Shoes

Shoes are just as important as the clothes because you want to be on-point head to toe.

If you’re going with the smart causal look, some plain coloured converses/ flatforms will be cool.

Or if you want to be all swanky, then the killer heels is the answer.

5. Accessories

The final step. Whether you want to go hard on the bling or be subtle but stunning, these are the add-ons to complete your look.

Good website for jewellery: – Amazing designs and has been featured in Vogue UK, Glamour UK and other fashion magazine.







And here are some bags to fit the essentials while looking fabulous.


New Look – £14


LYDC – £27.50


Missguided – £12

With the student discounts and the sales going on, you don’t have to be balling with designer gear to look expensive, you just have to keep to a shop a little smarter, and keep your style clean cut and classy!

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