Favourite Designers: Balmain


If I became rich tomorrow please could someone remind me to invest in Balmain stuff.

The French haute couture fashion house, founded by Pierre Balmain, is one of the most established brands in the fashion industry; constantly showcasing their opulence collections at prestigious fashion show, popular fashion magazines, and being worn by many celebrities. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Jourdann Dunn, and Kim Kardashian are some of the celebrities that proudly endorse the products.📷


Pleated Leather Mini Skirt – £2,160.00


Embellished Crepe Jacket –  £2,810.00


Velvet And Stretch Lace Mini Dress – £1,850.00


Oversized Velvet Coat – £2,720.00

The fact that Balmain extends the brand to the men just shows that they want to make fashion as universal as possible, leaving no one out. As well as clothes and accessories, they also immerse the company into the fragrance industry, selling perfumes as well.

I love this brand because of its beautiful pret-a-porter collections it has to offer. Not to mention, the designs, the structure, and styling of the clothes are out of this world. I need to applause Olivier Rousteing for taking the rein in 2011 and keep that light shining for Balmain ever since. I definitely not a fan of dresses and skirts, but I will make a exception with the stuff that Balmain is selling.🌌


Stretch Velvet Embellished Mini Dress – £2,380


Stretch Viscose Jersey Wide-Leg Jumpsuit – £2,380


Hopi Leather Sandals – £798


Short Fur Coat – £7,180


Black & White Native American Patterned Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt – £270


Floral Print Jacquard -Pique Mini Dress – £1,290

To say that the prices are very steep will be an understatement. However, that’s what happens when the quality is exceptional, the designs are exquisite, and the collections are established.

I really want to be an billionaire so freakin’ bad… so I can get my hands on Balmain.💞


Shearling Leather Jacket – £1,750


Military Cotton Shirt – £294


Calf Hair Slip-On – £640


Fur-Trimmed Leather Blazer – £4,330


Silk Mousseline Jumpsuit – £1,842


Angora-Blend Sweater – £850

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