Go Loco for Clo Clo London

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Clo Clo will make you go fashion loco with all their high quality jewellery they got in stock.💍

With every piece hand-picked by their globally-represented buyers, Clo Clo London definitely ensures you will get the latest trends of designs, as well as a high standard of quality.


Quinn Statement Necklace – £12.99


Bella Set Rings – £4.99


Antonia Drop Earrings – £7.99


Lola Bracelet – £6.99

The fashion jewellery boutique has seven très chic collections to offer for the style-concious costumers and other fashion style lovers.

Clo Clo Basics: Providing the simplistic designs that will give you the finishing touches of a look with minimum effort.

Clo Clo On A Date: Providing très chic pieces that would be perfect for a date, for every day outings, or for work, proudly demonstrating the  collection’s versatility. Subtle, but very attractive that will make people stop and stare in awe.

Clo’s Girls Night Out: Expressive designs that will help you stand out on the dancefloor. The collection will add on the sparkles to your glamorous look.

 Clo Clo At A Ball: With the essence of femininity and the endless sparkling stones, this collection will be perfect for a grand occasion.

Clo Clo Going To The Festival: The music is banging, and so will your jewellery with this collection. The edgy, rock and roll designs will give you that exquisite look when you’re wearing your flower crowns and shades.

 Jolie Fleur: The French translation for “Pretty Flower”. This collection fully represents that with its floral-theme jewellery design.

Vintage Clo: inspired by timeless designs in the past. Reflecting the classic style with antique reproductions and one-of-a-kind designs, this collection pays a homage to the Jubilee/Royal eras.


Clo Clo Basic

Patricia Stud Earrings – £3.99


Jolie Fleur

Florence Necklace – £11.99


Clo Clo At A Ball

Juliette Chain Bracelet – £8.99


Clo’s Girls Night Out

Marisole Necklace – £19.99

Clo Clo definitely wants to make sure you know how to maintain their products, so the products can fulfil their jobs to make you look fabulous at all times. The “Product Care Instruction” page gives you tips on how to look after your jewellery from them. This is so the product can be long-lasting for your use, and can also provide an after-care service for your purchase. Good costumer service is an understatement.

Also the sale section can knock off a good chunk from the original price. Considering the items are as low as £2, that could be the bargain of all times for accessories.💎

So why wait to sparkle with Clo Clo…


Miranda Statement Necklace – £16.99


Beatrice Statement Necklace – £17.99


Paislee Statement Necklace – £19.99

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