Role Models: Media Influence


“I wished I looked like…”

“Can I live [celebrity’s name] life please?”

“So jealous of [celebrity’s name], they have everything.”

That’s a few things people say when they see celebrities in the media.

Glamorous models, reality stars, actor/actress, hoping and dreaming to have the lifestyle or become a star.


But what if the media didn’t use the mass media to broadcast and publish the style of living/ the commodity to a large audience, would you pursue it?

Would you want to become the next model? Not knowing you have to have a VERY thick skin to take the criticism, the schedules, and the constant pressure that is suppressed on you by the industry and its agency.

Would you want to have the lifestyle of a celebrity? Not knowing if a swarm of paparazzi are going to blind you with their flashy lens. Your privacy being invaded by film camera and the watchful eye of the public.

Would you want to be a reality star? Not knowing that you have to conform to the rules and ways of the producers to create their TV show, as well as the entertainment for the viewers. Also, create a fake persona of yourself that people could despise, which could make you the target of verbal abuse and death threats, but realistically that’s not who you really are.

We hear, see and say things that the media attempts to perpetuate onto us as the norm. But we can’t deny the fact that the media over-glamorises and over dramatise majority of the situations, as well sometimes misleading us into things that wasn’t mentioned or doesn’t happen at all.

I could have done a continuous essay, with long paragraphs, on how the media influences how we do things in our lives, with reports; statistics and articles to back it up. But why do that when you can do it in rhetorical questions that allow you to think about the reality of things.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is definitely not at all bad, with the pay being amazing and the things you can do with the money. However the media doesn’t really portray the profession at its true form and, with the issue of over-glamorisation, it makes people enter the profession with the wrong intentions.

Just remember, you want to do something that you enjoy, you can sustain a long successful career in, and most importantly, be happy and content in life by doing the job. You shouldn’t change the person you are, visually and mentally, for the job, the job should change you for the best. Fame and the wide- recognition is the by product of it, not the result of a profession.

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