How To Look Stylish In a Business Attire


When I did my internship, the dress code was smart business attire. Not going to lie, I was actually taken back because

  1. I have never had to dress for a job that dress code consist of that
  2. I don’t have any clothes that amounts to a business attire

Even though I had the misconceptions of the look being “too serious” and “plain”, during the month of my internship, I’ve learnt to take a more fashionable approach to the sharp work environment. Beside, the last thing you want to hear first thing in the morning, is your boss saying you look like a “hot mess” or any degrading about your appearance.


Starting with the head:

  1. Hair

For a start, the hair should be clean and healthy at all times. You seriously don’t want to walk into work with your hair so greasy, you could cook your breakfast on it. If you haven’t got time to wash and properly treat your hair (whether you blow dry it or moisture and allow it to dry naturally), use dry shampoo to give it that healthy look.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

The hairstyle should be simple, toned down, or making you look immaculate. Bosses of corporate companies aren’t the biggest fan of big, wacky hairstyles, so no hair dying or ombres please. A simple ponytail or NEAT hair buns (mess hair buns is a no-no) would compliment majority of the styles out there if you need to fix up quickly.


Side Bun Hairstyle 


Simple Ponytail (Dove artwork)

If you got time on your hands, then you can give it that curly/wavy effect. It may take longer but, like said, looking immaculate is key.


Curly Hairstyle (Kiannti Artwork)

2. Clothes

What you wear is what they going to judge you by, first impressions right?

In courtesy of fashion trends and different designers creating eclectic types of fashion stuff, your fashion style is your choice, however the type of clothing is not. Usually, formal dresses are the ones that females goes for, but with fashion evolving over the years, girls can wear tops and trousers. However, remember it’s smart business attire NOT smart causal, which means no

  • jeans
  • causal tops
  • tops with writing

That could be 95% of your wardrobe out of the running, which means shopping is on the cards, but here are clothes that you need to look out for:


Blazers are actually one of the main features of a business attire of a man, and the same for women. Even if it’s an add on to the look/ because it’s too hot to wear, blazer will make you look snazzy in a heartbeat.

You could go for the plain ones:


Pretty Little Things – £25


DKNY Pure – £219.41


Boohoo – £25


Zaful – £18.55

Or the detailed ones:


Missguided- £12


A.F.VANDEVORST – £653.06


SheIn– £17.37


Missguided – £15


Usually, the tops are not your average going out one, it’s got to look smart, pristine and preppy, in order to give that elegant demeanor. Okay, you would automatically think collared tops, because of the school days, and also business means sharp looking, but for females that’s not the case. If you’re going to opt for the top and trousers route, elegance is key.

Yes the collared tops are A option:

shopping (1)

Asos – £16.50

shopping (3)– £10.96

shopping (4)

Reiss – £80

Or the ones that look so sleek:

shopping (2)

Rosegal – £8.69


Asos – £32


Boohoo – £8


So usually, trousers are the way to go. But you COULD get away with wearing legging, and when I mean legging I don’t mean the Primark ones that let people know what colour knickers you’re wearing/ or the cotton based ones, I mean the leather ones.

Some examples of designs, so you can get the gist:


River Island – £40


Glamorous – £30


Glamorous – £9


Missguided – £25


High heels, flats, Chelsea boots. Which one, you decide. But just remember, you have to walk in the shoes all day, so make sure there are comfortable.


Topshop – £39


SheIn – £21.39


Chiara Ferragni – £184.63

shopping (6)

Carvela Kurt Geiger – £89


The accessories are always the add-ons but they are the finishing touch on a near completed look. When it comes to the diamonds, the aim is to be subtle. Go for studded earrings and small necklaces.

When it comes to bags, well the world is your oyster. Preferably go for a big bag, such as tote bags, to fit everything in the bag.

So, it’s like the school days, where the teachers pulls you up about your uniform, the different is that this is a work environment, and you could actually get fired or not get the job because of that reason.

So fix up, look sharp!

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