Blue Vanilla Isn’t Plain


Even though Blue Vanilla is a flavour…a very unusual flavour, the fashion e-tailer definitely doesn’t promote bland, simple fashion styles.🍦

The British fashion label aims to bring the latest trends to fashion-concious girls, and with that agenda in mind, they certain don’t fail to achieve that with the chic printed designs and different style structures.



Francesca Aztec Print Crochet Trim Shorts


Victoria Navy And White Concertina Pleated Skirt






Cadence Paisley Print Oversized Kimono


Corina Tropical Camisole Dress

Blue Vanilla provides stylish, casual wear which entwines with the current trends. Constantly updating their styles to correspond to the current season, as well as dedicating particular sections that categorises the clothes into the current trends, reflects the modernised fashion that they uphold.

The garments maybe for casual wear, however the designs are so elegant, it can give that glamorous effect into a casual wear. And with majority of the clothes being under £20, ladies I think you need to get on it and get it while the weather’s blooming and the price is very low.👗

All pictures are sourced from Blue Vanilla

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