Signs That Point Us In The Right Direction


Do you believe in Astrology?💫

Do you believe in the horoscope and the descriptions of the Zodiac Signs?

Realistically, it’s like asking the question “Do you believe in fairytales/magic?”💮

Just to point out before I go on this post, the horoscope falls under the study of Astrology. Astrology is NOT Astronomy. They may both involve the stars and the galaxies etc. But Astronomy is the natural science that studies physical entities that have demonstrated to exist in the observable universe. Astrology is the movement and the relationship of physical entities interpreted, as having a influence on humans and the environment we live in. Basically, one can be proven by science and the other is based on Pseudoscience.

Back on the subject, as you all know, there are 12 Zodiac Star Signs; one for each month of the year. Within the astrological signs, each one of them describes different traits which sums up that particular star sign.

Astrology can be seen as a gimmick, in courtesy of the media taking that concept to make it love related most of the time. However, the social science behind Astrology could suggest it could reflect the identity of an individual.

I read an article from Medical Daily, that actually supports the idea of how our birth month can influence our personality traits via the astrology chart. With many studies showing a correlation between our birth date and an influence our personality traits, surely we can’t dismiss the fact that the horoscope could help us define who we are, behaviour-wise, rather than who we are going to fall in love with/ our future partners.

Despite the claims and beliefs and the lack of scientific evidence, 29% of Americans actually believe in the cynical discussion of Astrology and the correlation it has to us, and Blackmore (2000) outlined how, out of a sample of students in England, 100% knew our star signs, 70% read the horoscope daily and 85% agreed that their description of their birth sign applies to their personality.

Even Mark Hamilton, a social scientist and an author, did an successful investigation into the subject matter. He felt that “psychologists want to dismiss these astrological correlations, but there are seasonality effects that we have yet to explain.”

Personally, I can’t stand the lovey-dovey, money making horoscopes, because of the bogus, pretentious information that the publisher wants us to indulge into, in order to make more money.

However, when it come our interpersonal self and our personality, I can’t dismiss the idea of a relationship between our birth signs and ourselves. I’m a Scorpio, majority of the things are correct. Loyalty, hard-working and determined. However, I not obsessive, possessive or stubborn.♏

So even though you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear or see, you should consider all possibilities.

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