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After working in retail for two years, I got fed up with the regime of the busy uni schedule, as well as the long days in store being a sales assistant; waking up at ridiculous hours in the morning on my days off from uni for a job I didn’t really enjoy as much.

So now, I decided I wanted to work from home and do something in writing/blogging, to become more happy and free in life… and to earn money. But after searching endlessly for remote-working writing jobs, and constantly getting rejected, I had to do things differently.

But, even though I still need to earn a stable, ongoing income some how, I can officially say I’m an approved blogger for E-tail PR. It’s easy to become one, all you need to do if sign up with a valid blog and they decide if they want to validate you as a blogger for their campaigns, which even include events like London Fashion Week. The best thing is you can earn money and get brand sample from different company, if you are chosen for a campaign.

So go sign up and enjoy the perks doing something productive at home.

Be an e-tailPR blogger


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