Fashion Flower Power


Fashion can come in many forms. Fashion is about creating and illustrating brand-new designs into the most elaborate ways possible, as if you are actually bringing it to life.

But when someone manages to collaborate fashion and art in the most innovative and ingenious way, you know that they could go down in fashion & pop culture history, revolutionising the creative and design industry.

Grace Ciao does exactly that through her fashion illustration, which consists of using flower petals into the illustrations. Some of the illustrations includes markers & watercolours to create her designs.

download (1)

Ciao, the 23-year old Fashion Illustrator and university graduate from Singapore, does live drawing, events, and exhibitions to showcase her talent to the world. Her designs has been commissioned by high fashion designers and stores such as Ralph Lauren, Jaeger LeCoultre, SK jewellery, and many more.

I have seen a lot of exquisite fashion designs and sketches from designers, in order to reflect their vision of their finished product, but this type of illustrating and designs has left me, and possibly anyone that sees the pictures from this post, in awe. Beside the point that I automatically love designers that incorporates floral prints within their designs, I am so ecstatic to witness this type of creative art.

I’m going to end this post by saying thank to Grace Ciao, for displaying a new way to express your ideas in a more colourful and lively way.🌸🌺

download (4)  Rosecouture_graceciao
download (5) lily lettuce download (3) Outfit_4 download (2) bluegown  pinkgown

All pictures are from

Grace Ciao’s wordpress blog:

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