Sabo Skirts


Remind me to get something from Sabo Skirt if I go away to an exotic destination or go on a cute evening out this summer.

The accessories are so gorgeous, the garments are so flawless, I would feel like a princess if I wore this to the beach, running along the sand with the waves crashing to shore.



Isra Slate Gown





Emblem Bralette – White




Metallic Trim Sunglasses

The Australian fashion apparel is definitely sending out those care-free vibes with the bohemian-style playsuits. Put a flower crown on and some of their hippie jewelleries to give that goddess, elegant look. Or their flowy, draped dresses that are tempting to run and twirl on the beach, so you would feel like a model on a photoshoot.



Constance Playsuit

Most of the stuff are made for outings out in the sizzling weather, but also for a evening out, with a leather jacket or light knitwear. Sabo Skirt don’t disappoint when it come to providing versatility in their designs, especially with the structure of the item whether it’s an outfit or an accessory.

Going down and under with Sabo Skirt will absolutely brighten up my summer.

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