Hugo Sophia is just So WOW


Well, they claimed that their accessories are like “Disney Princesses meets Vogue”, and they weren’t lying.

Considering it has been featured in major editorial magazines, like Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Vogue and Glamour; accessories brand Hugo Sophia showcases the most stunning accessories at a very reasonable price.

timthumb (3)

Not only are they selling alluring crystallised necklaces and earrings, that adds the missing sparkle to your apperance, but they are also selling cool Starbucks iPhone cases, if you are suffering from the Starbucks caffeine withdrawal.

Currently the brand has three collections

  1. Be Kind: “The sweetest pastel designs, fit for the most graceful of summer soirees”
  2. See The World: “Think boho-chic and pops of fabulous summer colour”
  3. Eat More Cake : “Unleashing your mischievous side with the chicest styles”

All the collections are equally amazing, with the light pastel colours to reflect the innocent theme in “Be Kind”; The more luminous designs used in “Eat More Cake”.

See The World JUNE-15-855x258

But my favourite collection has to be “See The World”, with its flamboyant designs. This collection is attention-drawing and will catch the eye of any one that walks past. Diamonds and anything that sparkles are the best things to have and wear, especially when the outfit is simple, but Hugo Sophia definitely emphasize this when they decided to create and sell this product:

                     Rainbow Dust 3-157x141 (1)Rainbow Dust 1-560x466
The Rainbow Dust Ring

Painting your nails in any light colour will bring this ring to life. With the multi-coloured glitter specks inside, who needs a wedding ring.💍💎

This brand will help you shine in the better way, why miss out?

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