One Step Closer To Five Star Fashion


How to change your fashion style in 99 ways? I think that Elite Fashion 99 can do that at VERY affordable prices.

nailart_menu  Yes, they sell what you would expect an online shopping site to sell, dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories (minus the footwear); both for causal and formal wear. But , what makes them stand out is their very own nail polish collection, which includes amazing gel polishes, to give your nails that luminous glimmer look, to an unique range of thermal change colour polish, producing exquisite effects based on the temperature.


My favourite one out of the collection is the “purple to lilac” 10ml Temperature Change Colour Gel. As it’s shown in the picture, when it’s hot, it goes to a bright lilac colour which can reflect the summer season or warm atmosphere that you’re in. But when the temperature shifts to the chilly side, the colour transforms into a dark, but luxurious purple.

Beside the nail polish, this site sells beautiful playsuits that definitely will get you in the mood for the hot season. I’m a massive fan of playsuits and Elite Fashion 99 satisfies the requirements of a gorgeous romper.


Lace playsuit are the current trend this summer, whether you’re going to a festival or going on holiday. The V-neck crochet laced trumpet sleeves playsuits show off your legs and figure in all the right places. Fitted in the mid-section but has wide sleeves, which makes it suitable for all body shapes as well as stunning on any type of girl. Elite Fashion 99 sells it in 4 colours.

The 5th picture shows the chiffon-laced playsuit that has a criss-crossed chiffon straps on the back, with lace entwined on it, creating this sophisticated look.

The last picture is the playsuit with the flower laced arm sleeves. This elegant playsuit can be worn as a formal look with open toe heels OR as an evening look with some converses and a black leather jacket to finish it off. This is definitely a versatile, chic item.

So there you have it, this online fashion store has got everything to offer, and hopefully the glamour doesn’t stop here.

Acknowledgement: all pictures are from Elite Fashion 99

The photo grid was made by

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